Brave Frontier: Trading Card Game (unofficial)

Edited by Reylee There are a lot of ways to reduce abuse, but they're difficult. Add user to Ignore List after reporting. God arm galant , Musical Nostalgia and randommiscusername like this. Albeit with restrictions to level etc. Here we are having some of great examples with us,do have a look on them http: But we got around that restriction by having "bridges" or common "links".

Brave Frontier Japan has an Achievement Store where you get points for achievements and can use the points to buy evolution materials, spheres, keys, etc. You can also get points by selling rare summon units to the store.

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Burr , Dec 21, May 8, Messages: GangnamStyle , Dec 22, Burr , Dec 24, Jan 31, Messages: This was very informative, thank you all. Linkrule , Jan 31, Jan 28, Messages: Jan 30, Messages: Sometimes in the arena after the match. I saw players with unusually high stats. As far as I know that is the only sphere that reflects highest atk increase in your stats screen Muramasa doesn't show are the not REX unit?

Lechtin , Feb 1, Jan 19, Messages: Yes, this game is very hackable because stats are handled client sided, which means it can be modified without going through the internet Atleast it's hackable on the android, not so much iOS. Although I dont advocate it, there's no way I do. There was a mod Oni? Genosis , Feb 1, Jan 8, Messages: Well, I am hoping Alices as well as Mega, Lava, Emilia and Will will have stat changes because they seem to be subpar as compared to the new releases.

Azrael , Feb 1, But in the Flipside, your point of a Traiding system, aslong as it is limited Like in Age of Ishtaria , may be a good Idea but thatll lead the developers to loose more funds in the same way all together swell so yeah. How about each trade cost both players 5 gems or even 10 - you get what u want but still need to pay for it. Because then you can single out the unit you desire while trading off your unwanted one. You charge people for a preemium account which allows unit trading for a set period of time.

You can make the premium set to days or weeks instead of months to keep the revinue about the same. Sounds like a good idea, as long as the " trading pass " isn't too costly. I would definitely pay since I have two accounts on Global and JP. Would love to move Feeva to my main Global account from my secondary account. Gumi will lose money with this trading system and people can buy from third party markets to get the unts they want. This trading system will devour the purpose of rng and may potentially close the game.

This game is based off chance not what you want. If it's a one time trade, I don't think that will hurt gumi at all, and may benefit users because I am in the need of a mitigator. Yeah, I was thinking this a while back that having a trade system would make Gumi lose a lot of money.

It would be cool to have a one time trade, I would love to have a better healer. I only have a breaker Elimo haha. Dude, Elimo sends every Healer and Mitigator to shame, you got the best Healer in game and Tied for best Mitigator to I didn't know she was, I was hesitant to raise her cause she was a breaker. I should just raise her than, thanks for letting me know. I would think around USD, no more no less.

Or they could always impliment a system in which you spend gems to trade a unit, it's value is based of it's stars, imps and everything else. So the better unit you trade the more costly it is in gems. Again, not outrageous but moderated. Enough to get people to buy into it but not cheap enough to bankrupt them. It would be cool, but it'll get abused. Gumi will lose money to both people who trade normally and to those who create multiple accounts and sell rare units.

Charge 7 gems as a trade tax then instead? Make it so that you have to trade an equal starred unit for another equal starred unit. I think this would prevent a good amount of account creation abuse, but who knows lol.

There are a lot of ways to reduce abuse, but they're difficult. I don't ever see it happening. Well, the amount is simply arbitrary. How about 10 gems for any transfer? Basically, by creating a lower price point, it can potentially entice more people to spend money. Someone who already has a serviceable team might not be tempted to spend 20 bucks if they only want a Sefia, but they might spend 5 for a guaranteed Sefia. Also, they have to find someone willing to gift them a Sefia in the first place.

Yeah I was only suggesting a model IF they wanted to implement a trading system. I don't actually think it is necessary right now, and I'm not even in favour of a trading system. It's the same thing as Puzzle and Dragons. Everyone wants a trading system, but it's just not feasible because people will find ways to abuse it and Gumi will end up not making as much money.

I think it's a good concept but should be more of a risk. For example, you can only trade with equal rarity units.

Someone else puts out a Valkyrie. I could get his Valkyrie which is arguably a less valuable unit.

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I think Brave Frontier should implement a type of trading system so that you can trade units with people on your friends list. I know this could be dumb because of people making multiple accounts to trade the same units, or friends sending each other their whole team. But if certain limits are somehow set, this could be a great addition. When they finally implemented a trading system it quickly went out of whack. You can buy bitters with in-game currency or real money for about $1 per bitter. People are STILL to this day selling good fighters for bitters each. Trading should only place value on farmable units that qualify as fusion materials. This way the game can still have lucrative ways of making money and keeping players interested. They want us to buy units and i am fine with that but the trading system should ultimately favor the players by .