How to Become a Forex Broker

You can send me details on my e-mail address. Hence, one can easily trade for a bigger profit at a smaller deposit. An affiliate can post referral links on forums, other sites etc and earn commission from referral sign-ups. Here is a list of steps which can be followed prior to the trading. This ensures that no INR leaves country. Not Making Enough Profits?

Top Rated India Forex Brokers. To give you some ideas of which are the best Forex Brokers that you can sign up to and trade at, below we have some mini reviews of the top rated India trader friendly Forex Brokers.

Features of an India Trader Friendly Broker

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answering your questions directly, yes, any broker can cheat. Forex agents are not going to directly oversee your trading. The goal of a Forex agent is to bring a client (you) to the Main broker. If successful, Forex agent will earn commission. Get a feel for what a Forex broker does in today's trading environment. Find practicing or retired Forex brokers to talk to about the requirements of the job and the day-to . The central authorities that regulate forex trading in India are the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The first step in trading in forex is to open a forex trading account India with a SEBI registered forex broker in India. Once the account is set up, a person can trade in future and options currency derivatives.