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Partners that trust TradingView to power their charting. Can I use widgets on Angular 5 websites? Exchanges want each website to pay fees for real-time data. First HTML5 charts with the quality of a desktop app and all benefits of a browser. For this reason there is an standardized way of referring to each currency. Simply adjust the settings and click Apply to see a preview, then copy the embed code and paste it into your site code. Advanced Real-Time Chart Widget.

Downloadable charting library with an open API. This is a standalone solution that you download, host on your servers, connect your own data & use in your site/app for free. Perfect for use in mobile and desktop applications, fin portals, blogs and news sites. It’s optimal when you want total.

Partners that trust TradingView to power their charting

If you need a full trading terminal, and not just charting, take a look at our web-based Trading Terminal solution. We want users of all financial websites to use our top-notch tool. You can download and use TradingView charting library for free. The free version includes a small link to TradingView on the charts. To discuss alternative partnership opportunities, contact Stan Bokov through founders tradingview.

The public use can be behind a firewall, for free or for money, but the key is that other people will use it. You MUST list a website in the form where your project will be available to the public. No, we do not supply source code. Charting Library source code is obfuscated and changing it is forbidden by the licensing agreement.

A simple Charting Library integration example is here. Our bugtracker on GitHub provides help from us and other users. You can learn about existing issues, what the next release will contain and what it will include.

Charting Library lets you use a variety of data formats. This flexibility is possible because it has an API instead of supporting particular data formats csv, etc. You can take data from any place you like and simply adapt it to the API structure.

The structure is described in the documentation. Several methods for connecting data are available. We wrote this article to help you.

These solutions are hosted on our servers and contain a lot of our data. If you are major player and wish to discuss custom solutions, email us at founders tradingview. The free library is licensable to companies or individuals for use in public web projects or applications, for free, or commercial, distribution - not for private use. Help translate Charting Library. Partners that trust TradingView to power their charting. Free even for commercial use We want users of all financial websites to use our top-notch tool.

Sometimes it is difficult to use them in e-mail, news postings or on web pages. For this reason we need a method of representation that passes unchanged and without difficulty in all of these media.

The solution, long used by the international banking community, is the ISO set of currency abbreviations. ISO Codes for the Representation of Currencies and Funds defines three-letter abbreviations for each world currency. The general principle used to construct these abbreviations is to take the two-letter abbreviations defined in ISO Codes for the Representation of Names of Countries and append the first letter of the currency name e.

In the case of currencies defined by supra-national entities, ISO assigns two-letter entity codes starting with "X" to use in place of country codes e.

Codes beginning with "X", among others, are reserved for special purposes. For example, XAU is used to indicate the "exchange rate" for gold usually USD per ounce , and XPD, XPT and XAG correspond to palladium, platinum and silver, respectively the pattern here being that the last two letters correspond to the atomic symbol of the chemical element.

Depending upon whether you are using e-mail, news or the web, some currency symbols may be used but many others should not be used.

The long answer is rather complicated. The short answer is: To express a value in any other currency you should use the ISO three-letter currency abbreviation e. The only currency symbol that can safely be used in E-mail and news. The world is in constant flux. Countries change their names or split into two or more smaller countries or merge with another country. Some "countries" given country codes by ISO are colonies or dependencies of other countries.

Currencies are revalued without a change of name or revalued with a change of name or change name without being revalued. Countries may adopt the currency of another country or stop using the currency of another country and create their own currency.

In some countries other currencies, besides the official currency, circulate and are accepted. Some countries mainly colonies and dependencies of other countries have currencies which are theoretically different from their parent country but which are actually pegged at a 1:

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Advanced Chart Widget is a free and powerful charting solution that easily embeds into any website. Simply adjust the settings and click Apply to see a preview, then copy the embed code and paste it into your site code. A few have special symbols to represent them but most use the first letter of the currency name - currency code. Although the first letter of the currency describing a local currency, in an international context it leads to confusion. May 23,  · FX Market Code – free system by Russ Horn. System comes with TradeOnix (our review of Tradeonix / Tradeonix official website).The indicator inside of the price section of the chart is called the MarCo indicator. The one below the price is called the MarCo-OsMA/5(11).