Forex trading strategy #13 (The Fractal Guru Strategy)

It helped me to go deeper into the study. Total newbie and after an initial fluster really understood the content. Originally Posted by mazzr. Thanks a lot for this course! Please note that fractals will only form when the candle closes with the given criteria of high lows or lower highs on both sides. Enjoying Lisbon and planning to stay few more days as I prepare to launch my most powerful course!

About Navin Prithyani The founder of Urban Forex is a highly successful trading educator and mentor, rewarded multiples times by FXStreet and Udemy for the Top 5 Webinars, Highest Rated Training Course and Top Educator in Finance.

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Though all of the forex traders know that watching couple videos wont be enough to find your way into trading; however this course contains a wide spectrum of different aspects of market and understanding them and applying, where your trading style meets, is essential.

Personally I use couple of ideas used in the course and must say, it helps to pretty accurately read future market. I got this course when it was for free, so I was ultra lucky; surely one of the best courses on udemy about forex!

Could you add more video uncoventional lectures? First of all, i've been trading forex for about 2 years and 2nd, i've never been good at remembering. I'm broke, I'm really really depressed that my self esteem down to level below 0.

With logic base education and the non linear thinking, i dont need to remember so many things since i mentioned before that i'm not good at remembering. All the piece of puzzles from last 2 years start to take place. I dont confuse again with how, when, where, everything so clear and make sense.

They like brothers, helping each other, have fun together, etc. A bunch of guys with a very very big heart. D so then, i can afford for the full membership that i'm really really eager to get in to imagine how far it can bring you in forex market if you join for a full year since even with only 2 week trial, you can get lot of valuable materials. Big thanx to navin, praveen, and all guys in forex watchers. Very simple and clear. The author does a great job explaining.

Suitable for beginners even, it provides some effective strategies. Teaches outside the box! Great course I loved may actually start trading forex now. I'd just finished the course. It's a very good, informative and mind opening journey. I'd learn forex in my country but now i realised, what i learned is just a small portion of forex knowledge compared to this course. What i can say is all this time, i actually learned the surface of forex, but after following your webinar and completing this courses, i know that now i'm learning the core and details of forex trading.

Thanks a lot Mr Navin for this opportunity I did just a half of the course so far, however so far so good. Nice work and would be great to see further forex courses from you! I have been in the FW program. I also have been in other forex educational programs too the ones I paid for. So far I believe this is the best way.

What you learn here is pretty fundamental on actually trading forex properly. These videos used to be only for members but is given to you free of charge. You will not be learning how to use all of this as a whole because all of this is meant to be used as a whole.

Even if you did understand them individually especially if you're a Level or two above new to trading you may find this a little confusing if you try to apply it. If you are able to understand the entire course as a whole, I'm sure you'll be able to trade with this method. I surely am not at that level yet but I know I will using this method. The video quality and audio quality surely isn't the best if that is your thing that's holding you back.

If you can just get past that you'll be learning from one of the best. I'm sure you're gain valuable knowledge that most other courses won't tell you. Simple, informative and to the point. The course was very useful, I think that it can be better if it has more real situations I mean this. You make an analyse in real time and after that share the results.

I was always looking at all the charts from monthly to the hourly before taking my trades. Your teachings about just using two just made everything clear for me. I was making life hard for myself.

Thank you and anyone who takes this course is sure succeed in this business. Best forex education, very insightful, well explained and easy to understand. Currently reading some forex trading learning materials from fxstreet, and together with this informative course you get the real extra edge you need to succeed in the market.

Personally, I love all the videos but my favourite ones are the leg counting, trading backdoors, the V - Formation, the 2 timeframe rule and the favourite candlestick and probing. Thank you Navin for giving us all this free courses on youtube and udemy, apps and a social site where we can meet other traders. Fantastic course clear and to the point Navin is a very good instructor takes the time to explain and with the videos makes for a fantastic course thank you so much.

Total newbie and after an initial fluster really understood the content. Would recommend to anyone interested. Thanks for the help mate. As I've spend many months in many different sites and educational program and even plenty of tutorials, None could match up with the quality of ForexWatchers Navin Prithyani. In case of absence of the required fractal when market rapidly advances, I think it might be a good idea to switch one time frame lower in order to capture a required fractal there.

In fact, as you said you can launch the search for a fractal as soon as you see a cross between DI lines. Hi, Im trying this out. What do you mean when you say candle is pointing, does this mean that only one side has a shadow, or is it ok if the candle has shadows both on top and the bottom? It is ok for a candle to have both upper and lower shadows, as long as the one that points at the fractal is, roughly, at least two-three times longer than the opposite shadow.

Just don't try to calculate it up to the pip, if a shadow doesn't seem to be long enough, simply skip it and wait for a better one. The only ones making profits on it, is the mafia brokers, banks, and forex systems vendors , i am tired in loosing in this financial jungle.

Active traders Poll - share your live experience or read what others have to say. Forum What is Forex? Who's online There are currently 7 users online. Submitted by User on June 4, - Hello Edward - Here is another strategy your viewers may like.

Warm Regards, Navin Prithyani Time Frame: Submitted by Melchor on June 14, - What is your advised time frame? Submitted by Edward Revy on June 19, - Hi Melchor, In case of absence of the required fractal when market rapidly advances, I think it might be a good idea to switch one time frame lower in order to capture a required fractal there.

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Navin Prithyani has been trading forex for well over a decade. During this time he went through all the phases of a succesfull trader and through a. "The Forex Watchers' Elite Community is my personal hangout spot. This is where I post the trades I take. The people are extremely friendly and the support is incredible!" - Navin Prithyani. GET ACCESS. Darien Lane "The staff is super helpful and all the other students are very nice as well. My trading has improved but I still have some. Understanding The Fractal Guru Strategy. When the ADX is trending by seeing the blue line rising steadily, we look for Fractals to jump in the trend. We do not take all Fractals, only the ones with tails pointing to the Fractal. Let me explain this in a bit more detail and as simple as possible with some examples.