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This tool is exactly the same as! The chart only gives us part of the answer to what is going on. Accustrength is one of the most accurate currency strength meters on the market. Nothing was left to emotion. Thanks Anyone is free respond. But for most other styles of trading Accustrength's slower refresh rate shouldn't be a major problem.

Windows currency meter using forex strength. The windows software program FX4Caster currency strength meter is designed to run using a free DDE feed that is contained within all versions of the .

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The chart can be easily customized to display any combination of the 10 currencies. You can also draw trendlines on the chart.

So a H1 time-frame will measure currency strength over the previous 60 minutes. This is one area that's a little disappointing. Refresh rate refers to how quickly the currency strength data updates occur. We measured Accustrength's refresh rate at seconds which is a little on the slow side. This allows an audible or email alert to be generated when a pre-defined Currency Strength level is reached. Accustrength is a subscription based product.

The monthly cost is even lower with longer subscription periods i. It was first released over 7 years ago, and has undergone continual refinement over that period. I am interested in this approach. Could you outline what exactly you mean by your three steps. I have little real experience trading forex, but have been avidly learning about technical analysis for the last couple of years. I realize that due to leverage opportunities Forex makes trading on a small budget possible.

I was hoping to learn more if you are willing. I think you've answered a question or two in the past for me. Regarding the strength meters I currently have the xmeter which has a slower responding formula than the newsprofiteer indicator's formula. Since the newsprofiteer indicator doesn't have open code, I'm trying to locate an open formula similar to what's found in that indicator Any other meter out there with a faster reponse time with open source or close to Newsprofiteer meter?

Anyone Having this strenght meter of Thomas Yeomans,If yes plz send me the link and kindly explains how to use it as strentgh or reading of strenght or weakness of currency. I am also interested to find out the formula used to calculate the strength of each currency like the one Tom used for his meter. I am still researching the formula how each currency strenght is calculated. For now its personal use only.

Hi to all here in this forum. I think that we should focus on oversold and ouverbought levels for each currency, and look for buy oportunities on the oversold currency against the currencie who is overbout. And the calculation should not use any indi, only. Sorry for my bad english. Currency strength meter - page 5. You can hang into the trade for a few minutes, hours or days.

It is up to you. There is more to this way of trading and a heck of a lot you can do to make those profits bigger. The example above will only take you an hour or two during an active market time to see just how easy this can be. It is the very simple way but it does get peoples attention. Many of the things that will make your trades more profitable will be sound economic conclusions.

You need to keep an eye on items affecting the markets. You need to keep an eye on what the other markets are doing as well. Combining your skills as an observer of basic economics and supply and demand can make you successful in trading forex pairs. Do not test this system out on a real money account until you have satisfied yourself that it works consistently for you under many different conditions and using many combinations of pairs.

This, my friends is as close to the grail as you are going to get. The rest of it is up to you! If not a grail it is certainly an elegant representation of a market map. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address:

A guide to help Forex traders find the best currency strength indicator for their trading needs

AccuStrength forex currency strength meter will give you dependable data and professional features. This is the best currency strength tool available. Feb 15,  · Currency strength meter is perhaps the most important item in my toolbox. For the record, I use the one that I wrote for myself (here). However, as with any technical tool, the important question is not which variant you use; but what it is measuring, why you are using it, and how it fits in as a part of your total trading methodology (as the saying goes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts). May 20,  · Add the knowledge you gain from the currency meter to your trading system and it will add rocket fuel to any technical system. This is the missing element for your technical or fundamental trading system. You need to know the true strength of an individual currency. You may have wondered why I call the TrueTrend meter the ForexGrail.