A Day In The Life of A Professional Forex Trader

Check out last week's issue. Range trading involves trading a market that is consolidating between obvious support and resistance levels. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. July 2, at Whereas a professional trader never feels like he or she is guessing, they come to the market every day with a definable Forex trading plan, be it in their head or written down on paper.

The professional forex trader specializes due to the currency market’s enormous complexity. This is a biological as well as logistical imperative because forex trades hours a day, from Sunday.

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Thanks for reminding us to stay in synch with the big movements. Keep the the good will on,you are a blessing to our generation with your day to day articles on forex trading and price action.

Am hoping to save much so i can join the member forum. Truthly eye openning as beginner like me,it give inspire to reach that destiny. I am working on to be a perfect trader. A trader who has some practical experience with the market and paid the price as a loss for learning, can understand the true value of your article.

Thats trading for you. I like the part on the fundamentals although I cannot fully understand it. I am already a member, and I appreciate everything you do. Your daily commentary is superb. Nial, I am about to join your forex course and trading group, your articles are inspiring and educational. Great writeup nial,this is exactly what am discussing with a trader friend,thanks for making this precise and understandable this is a great advice for all.

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Please remember that the past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. Hi Traders, This article is going to provide you with detailed insight into how an experienced Forex trader thinks about and trades the market on a day to day basis. The bottom line is that pro traders know what Forex currency pairs they prefer to trade, as well as the best times to trade Forex , and these factors contribute to their overall Forex trading strategy Perhaps surprising to some, is that most pro traders do not rely heavily on economic news or other fundamentals to enter and exit the market.

Checkout Nial's Professional Trading Course here. Very nice and simple advice to follow,thank very much. Allen April 5, at 2: Destiny Nigeria April 23, at Mladen March 24, at 6: Hi Nial, Since I became a memeber 1 month ago I have been transformed to a new trader without stress.

Silvia March 24, at 2: Parashar March 23, at 2: Thanks Nial, You are a blessing to this generation. Kotijett March 22, at 6: Eddy March 21, at Philip March 21, at 8: Joseph March 21, at 1: Gideon March 20, at 2: Thanks, great info on here Reply. Daniel Sebag March 20, at Kevin March 20, at 5: Fred March 20, at 1: Thanks Nial, I really appreciate your site. Thank you Sir Reply. Patrick March 19, at 1: NIAL, You have taught me alot through your videos!

Athul March 19, at 7: Greg March 19, at 7: T Allen March 19, at 6: Thanks Nial — another good article. Nemanja Stojanovic March 19, at 5: Thanks a lot Nial Reply. Olusola March 19, at 4: Mureithi March 19, at 4: I would like some details about the course, what I will learn, how many lessons there are, the mode of study, requirements, etc Reply.

Please email me via contact us section for details on this mate. Thanks for the article! Mervin March 19, at 2: You method have made a step closer to being a trader,when I have enough money i will surely purches you teaching to educate myself and my children, , eccellent stuff Reply. Claudio March 19, at 1: Paul March 19, at 1: Iman March 19, at 1: Well written and explained.

George March 19, at As always an excellent read Nials. Ramli March 18, at Eudes March 18, at Thank you for it. I am using it today, PriceAction. Shyam Thapa March 18, at Ozzy John March 18, at Thats trading for you Reply. Zachary March 18, at Galen March 18, at Fuller Thank you for a nice read in the life of a professional trader. Flannery March 18, at Clive March 18, at You can make millions of dollars through Forex trading but only when you pass the above stages properly.

To do that, you need time and peace of mind. You need to be financially free already and then use Forex and stock trading as good investment opportunities to increase your wealth. This is how it works. Therefore, you have to have a good source of income that makes a reasonable amount of money for you. But everything has to be done through a proper procedure to generate the good result that is expected. Making a lot of money through Forex trading is possible but only the way I explained above.

Fortunately, it has become a lot more easier to create a good source of income if you follow the right track. You can learn more here: Hello I am using not from long time. When I started using , I read about it day and night.

Software MT4 remains open in my laptop for the whole day; I try to understand its graph with keen interest. In technical analysis, I prefer candle stick and in fundamental analysis; current news. In less time, I learnt more and only because of it my interest increased day by day.

In short I started considering myself as a trader. And started trying more and more to make myself a trader like you people, only because of this I become keener to search about it in depth. According to my search, this market is not centralized and also has no physical existence. And no one even knows about the impact of the news which you get from the website on your graph.

Brokers say that they keep our trade with Swiss bank, interbank, financial institute, but when I went personally to foreign banks like HSBC,RBS,SCB and talked to their managers, according to them, neither they deal any broker nor any bank like interbank or Swiss bank deal them.

Their business only runs on loans, deposits and other businesses. In , it was 3. And everyone knows that it is a huge amount. By this Brokers got profit and becomes stronger and stronger day by day. You are much expert in that you are working with these brokers.

In your opinion, Is this a Scam or an organized game? If this is not a Scam then kindly tell how these brokers utilize our money? Kindly help me and reply me by taking my analysis in a positive way. With the first group you trade with the broker. If you win the broker will lose and visa versa. With the second group, your orders will be routed to the inter banks. This is done electronically.

There are some other places that deal with these electronic transactions. So the answer of your question is, if you work with a dealing desk or market maker broker, they might make you lose.

Your loss is their profit, so they like you to lose. They are just a middleman who transfers your order to the central banks. So this is not an organized scam or game. How to Become a Professional Forex Trader? I received a message from a gentleman that made me write and post this article.

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