Four Types of Trades

Larry Hite is his approach of trading and mainly his focus on respecting risk is one which can be very insightful for other traders. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Losing trades can be caused by bad entries or good entries in the short term. The average YTD gain is now 6. A good trade can lead to a loss because of the nature of randomness. Learning Jun 8, 2.

Michael Covel and Larry Hite Ed Seykota and Larry Hite. I made a documentary film that featured Nobel Prize winners, top traders, fund managers, and professional poker players. Some people questioned why poker players were in a film primarily about markets and the recent economic crisis.

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Aggressive Program 9 — Drury Capital, Inc. Mulvaney Global Markets 23 — Program tracked: Kick things off by filling out the form below. Decades of successful track records some managers approaching half a century such as Millburn or Campbell, founded in and respectively, with other pioneers following suit a few years […]. Slow start of the year for the Wizards for , with an average performance of Note that I have added two Wizards to the list for this new year: Walsh and Sunrise Capital — thanks for the suggestion fom a reader of the blog.

All but two are now profitable year-to-date with a couple of double-digit returns this month Chesapeake Capital and Tactical Investment Mgt as well […]. The average YTD gain is now 6.

Note that I have added a new Wizard to this list: Negative pretty much across the board for the Trend Following Wizards in July, with an average monthly return of Please find below all individual results for July June was a bit of a mixed bag in terms of performance for Trend Following Wizards.

The average monthly return is 0. Note that three major players were added to the report this […]. Not as volatile as some might have expected, the performances of the Trend Following Wizards are fairly heterogenous but mostly on the negative side with an average return of This brings the average Year-To-Date to Follow the Trend Following Wizards updates with the dedicated monthly feed. You can either access it via RSS or by subscribing by email The recent turmoils developing in the markets will give us interesting times to monitor how the Trend Following Wizard performances fare.

If is any indication, and if we return to large […]. You can either access it via RSS or by subscribing by email A bit of a happier month for Trend Followers with an average gain of 3.

Once again, the results are in line […]. Starting this month, I have created a dedicated feed solely for the Trend Following Wizards monthly updates.

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Nowadays system trading is a popular and common way of trading. This Toptrader’s spotlight will be about Larry Hite who is, along with Ed Seykota, one of the forefathers of system trading. Larry Hite is his approach of trading and mainly his focus on respecting risk is one which can be very insightful for other traders. Larry Hite trading system. He argued that if I could develop a winning system on a computer, so could others, and we would all cancel each other out. That is one of the reasons I actually have for not using systems developed by people since I think that those systems may work well for a while till many people realize and “copy” them. During college Hite was a rock music promoter, as well as an occasional actor and screenwriter, but eventually became serious about staying in the music business. However, after several incidents, he decided to become a stockbroker in