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Alex Sol on April 18, at 1: Oh, and the haters, HA you should just ignore them because they all don't like grape koolaide. With regards to mirroring, have you had any experience and if so do you have any recommendation of any service providers? To me it seems like you only know of one type of way to make money online. You need not be one of the losers. The less lucky folks stuck there for years, lost thousands of dollars and most of their friends along the way. Here is an example of how SEC works.

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It is for the trader who is serious about Forex and wants to become more adept at playing the market. There have been some grumblings from GFT clients about slippage, especially at trading time, but, overall, GFT Forex has a strong following and a sterling reputation. This is my second visit to your weblog. Your website provided us significant information and facts to work with. Also for more information about Online Forex Trading you can visit on this:. You interest as a client is not theirs - do not be fooled.

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Log in Create a DailyForex. Completely customizable dashboard for trading Platform requires some explanation and familiarity.

Platform is best viewed on a wide-screen monitor Clients may experience some slippage during news time. Help me choose a broker. Finding a Forex broker has never been so easy! Check out the top 3 rated brokers below:. Advantages Completely customizable dashboard for trading Platform requires some explanation and familiarity.

Disadvantages Platform is best viewed on a wide-screen monitor Clients may experience some slippage during news time. Please insert valid information. However if they do not stop billing you and do not refund you, you can probably contact your bank and explain the situation.

I have noticed certain people getting some kind of arrangement from WG after doing a complaint on BBB. In any case, good luck to you. I know two people who are in WG and they both make money through trade and people on their team also make money through.

All young people around the ages of 21 and I have been approached by several WG reps on Facebook, through email and even through this blog. Somehow, everyone know someone who knows someone who makes money. We explain to all our members that trading requires a long term commitment and we ask for our results to be reviewed over a 6 month period. Our trade results remain profitable and fully reported to all our members, each and every trade.

Our members can see our full trade history and results at all times. It is unfortunate that this client was dissatisfied but we honored his request for refund immediately without issue. Only hours per month! Love the blog, would you consider selling it for a xx,xxx.

Please email me if so thanks. Is MCA a legit company? One of the co-owners Ryan called,me yesterday arguing with me about my request for a refund. They are going to try and stick to their claims to the T.

I have supplied my trading history to them. Now they want me to highlight their trades vs my own. I have done that after regaining access once I put in my refund request they had suspended my access for over 2 weeks. I had to send an email threatening legal action in order to get my account reactivated so that I could see the trade history. One way to know when their trades are doing good is to look at how many post you see on Facebook.

When you not seeing much trade talk then you know their trades arent winning. They partnered with a co that supposedly has a algorithmic system without a losing day.

They are making it in recruiting. If you voice concerns about the huge drawdowns you are immediately demeaned and told to stop whinning or so what you lost a few trades. I have already filed a complaint with the AG in Utah. Next if they dont honor their 3x guarantee I will file a complaint with the BBB. My hubby works in law enforcement so we are preparing to go all the way with this. I will keep you all posted on the outcome. I am about to enter the same battle. Just want to know the outcome of yours and the process you took to achieve your outcome.

I am part of MLM called advocare. They never promote quick money and the products really do work. I believe the are doing it right and have been around since 91 I believe. What are your thoughts? Unfortunately I am not familiar with this company and have not done any research on it in order to offer any kind of advice.

Why do I need to become a distributor or find a distributor in order to buy? You cannot buy directly because the company pays out the commissionn to the distributor based on a mouth to mouth recommendation. Thats the whole idea of this system, buying with his code lets the company know it was thanks to him that you found about this productos. In affiliate marketing for example, you can go through the affiliate or you can go directly to the source if you think affiliate should not get a commission.

This calls for a pyramid and that is a gray area. So please for someone that really wants to use his computer to make extra quid at home and happens to be a good writer. In my personal experience, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn money from home, especially if you like writing. However, the fastest way to earn an income online would be becoming a freelancer and offer your writing service to others.

Check out sites like Upwork, Freelancer. If you are talking about affiliate marketing then you will get paid by check or paypal, depending on a company you work with. Some might even offer direct bank deposit. He posts daily about needing help to take his operation to South America, where I assume he plans on taking advantage of more uneducated, poor people. Is there anything I could do to help these people?

Or just sit back and accept the world is a fucked up place? I mean shit, this is at least illegal advertising is it not? Same thing is happening with many MLMs now: Become a millionaire overnight without doing any work! Every single time I am approached my an MLM Wealth Generators or any other rep I ask how much they make and this is when it gets into an uncomfortable silence, followed by: Although Colombia has different rules and regulations from Mexico, this Wealth Generators statement from Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia must be read by as many people as possible.

MLM are more scarier nowadays. None of them succeed making money in the end. Right now I am in a MLM that is very good, is not pyramid and have more than 30 years on the market and I love it.

Because I have been in a MLM for multiple years all my friends that said no they invite me to any mlm they are on, like the WG. Alex Thanks A lot for this amazing review. Pedro, you have just described the exact issue. People want easy and quick money and there is where scammers deliver incredible promises of riches with in return of no efforts.

If it was that easy, we would all be rich by now. The promise of quick and easy money should always be the very first giant RED flag. Your email address will not be published. Stop wasting your time and money. Take this 5 days course that will teach you how to start your own successful online business today, without getting involved in some scam or scheme.

Is Wealth Generators A Scam? Ladies and gentlemen, this is the tipping point. The new website is now called Kuvera Global. Screenshot from WG promotional video. This is only 3 levels of the WG pyramid that goes 7 levels deep. Step by step course. No experience or money required. R on January 19, at 6: Hey, a very interesting article as well as your responses to the comments.

Sorry for the lengthy comment and looking forward to your response. Alex Sol on January 22, at Bigurch on December 5, at 1: Alex Sol on February 11, at 5: Summa on November 21, at Alex Sol on December 12, at Jennifer on October 23, at Alex Sol on October 25, at 9: Best of success to you, Alex Reply. George West on July 19, at 7: Alex Sol on August 14, at Thank you for sharing George. Abraham Torres on June 19, at 7: Alex Sol on June 26, at 3: Thanks for your comment Abraham.

Roger on May 28, at Alex Sol on May 31, at Crown on May 16, at 5: Recruiting or no recruiting i make good dollars from the company daily!!! Keep on with your blabbings. Mislead a lot to taking you as a coach to fulfill your interest. Do your research better writer.

Alex Sol on May 16, at Thank you for your comment Crown. Paula on October 17, at Pablo on May 16, at 2: Hello Crown, I hope that one day you realize people have spend years their entire lives studying the stock market and forex. Alex Sol on May 16, at 4: Pablo on May 14, at 8: Alex Sol on May 15, at It is sad and it is how pyramids work. Tabatha on May 1, at 9: Alex Sol on May 12, at 5: Tabatha on June 10, at 5: Alex Sol on June 12, at Hywayman on February 11, at 5: Hi, did you mean Crypto?

Lucio Gonzalez Izquierdo on April 28, at 5: Alex Sol on May 1, at 7: ML on October 18, at 8: So before you start a blog and deceive people do your research sir…. Good luck to you, Alex.

Onny on April 18, at 6: Alex Sol on April 18, at The company also seems to be registered in Belize offshore and not in the US.

Alex Sol on April 18, at 1: I am happy to hear you found this post helpful Lisa. Wilson Cowden on April 16, at 8: Jayson Slobodzian, GG on April 19, at Alex Sol on April 19, at Bruce Irwin on April 22, at Alex Sol on April 25, at NP on November 15, at Karen B on April 6, at Alex Sol on April 7, at 1: Hi Karen, I am happy to hear you found this article helpful.

No wonder… Alex Reply. Emile on April 5, at 5: Hi Alex Thank you so much for writing this. Thank you Emile Reply.

Alex Sol on April 5, at I am glad to hear you found this article Emile. Fernando on April 1, at 2: What do you think of Amway? Alex Sol on April 2, at 2: Ivan on April 24, at Alex Sol on March 10, at Care to elaborate on that as well?

Thanx for any advise u can share. Alex Sol on February 10, at 4: Alex Sol on January 19, at If you missed it, there is an important update about Wealth Generators. Success to you, Alex Reply. Tony on January 31, at 6: Hi Alex, What does this exactly mean?

Alex Sol on February 3, at CS on January 12, at Mar on January 10, at 2: Interesting Blog and I learned a lot from this. Thank you so much Alex. Alex Sol on January 13, at 6: Thanks for reading Mar! Wsaachi on December 5, at Roberto on November 25, at 2: Hi Alex, Thanks a lot for this blog much appreciated.

Alex Sol on November 25, at 4: Roberto, thanks for leaving such detailed comment. Wsaachi on November 22, at Alex Sol on November 22, at 2: UCHE on August 13, at 5: Alex Sol on November 21, at 7: Deryana on October 18, at Very interesting your review.

Alex Sol on October 20, at Ray Furlong on November 4, at 4: Alex Sol on November 7, at 6: John Snow on October 1, at 1: I recently joined it an just got told to join WG from my friend Reply.

Alex Sol on October 3, at Pepito on October 3, at 3: Alex Sol on October 3, at 3: Tara on October 10, at Natalia on September 27, at Alim Thompson on September 23, at 1: Alex Sol on September 23, at Thanks for your feedback Alim. Vegas on September 29, at 4: Soliana on September 20, at 8: Alex Sol on September 22, at 2: Soliana, I am happy to hear you found this post helpful.

Layla on September 19, at 2: Alex Sol on September 22, at 3: Thanks for such a detailed comment. Louis on August 24, at I thank you for taking the heat for the rest of us, Alex!

Alex Sol on August 29, at 8: Gabriel on August 17, at 1: Alex Sol on August 17, at 1: Juan Lopez on August 16, at 6: What is your opinion on Amway?

Alex Sol on August 16, at 6: Ezequiel Jr on August 3, at 4: Many duped investors put their life savings into supposedly segregated accounts, but funds were commingled and distributed to a series of shell corporations.

Most modern crooks eliminate this activity. The whereabouts of the remaining funds have yet to be determined. Authorities have had a hard time believing that the preacher alone prepared such sophisticated materials for his Ponzi scam. Many individuals were persuaded to take out loans on their homes and now face foreclosure. The lesson is simple: Beware of ridiculous returns that are presented to you by someone of trust in your community.

Since he came from law enforcement, he was smart enough to keep his fundraising tactics to a modest scale to avoid early detection. Hawkins soon got cold feet, as his actual returns went south. Once again, whom can you trust? If not law enforcement, then whom?

If a man of the cloth or of the law cannot be trusted, then what about an ex-serviceman? Once again, the affinity angle was used to gain trust at the front end of the bilking process. He claimed to have been a former naval aviator with combat experience to gain trust, but officials have found no record of his service.

Beware of ex-servicemen bearing gifts.

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Also - be aware that r/forex is not your trading journal. Users posting empty trades will find them removed. Users posting empty trades will find them removed. You must be willing to explain your analysis and reasoning for the trade. Glassdoor has 7 Global Visionaries reviews submitted anonymously by Global Visionaries employees. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Global Visionaries is right for you/5(7). First to Review Seattle's thing is grassroots efforts, and Global Visionaries (GV) is a great example of great success from a small start. GV is different to me in that it leads service trips, like many other organizations, but unlike them, has a high rate of continuing alumni involvement.5/5(1).