Top Spread-Betting Strategies

Who's the more successful trader? Day trading with Elliot waves This was the one-minute chart I pulled up at around If day trading is high risk — pyramid day trading is super high risk, and for that reason your pyramid trades are best left for the end of the month when your account is healthily in the black. This strategy defies basic logic as you aim to trade against the trend. These trades could have netted and pips each in less than three hours, both at low risk. The statement above is true about support and resistance although both get broken eventually.

Spread betting introduction. Strategy and tips for day trading financial markets using spread betting. Trade stocks, commodities, indices and forex.

Why is it Controversial?

That is a classic day trade. What should you expect to see following a genuine five-wave impulse move, such as we have? Remember, fifth waves are ending waves and indicate the next move is against the trend. The market has rallied into new high ground, but is coming off. You are concerned with keeping much of your gain so far.

Do I just cut and run near 1. There are no hard and fast rules here, and each trader will have to find the best answer for themselves.

If we are of a more nervous disposition, we will probably cut and run — it all depends on our character. But what we should not do is sit by and watch the market move below our entry. So a good policy would be to enter a stop loss at our entry, for a breakeven trade at worst. Note that I have paid no regard to the minute, the hourly, or the daily chart to determine any trends on the longer timeframes.

They are of no importance to a day trader. I have not used my tramline method, either. I find that it is rare to find solid tramlines on the one-minute chart. There are so many overshoots that finding touch points is problematic. Why is day trading considered so controversial in the online stock trading community? Day trading is probably one of the most misunderstood and argued topics on Wall Street today.

Many professionals and money managers do not believe the benefits outweigh the risks for this type of online stock trading strategy and most discourage it. However, there are many that do it and claim that there is a great profit to be made if you know what you are doing.

Day trading is another online stock trading strategy that must be planned, studied and enacted with the same care as any other strategy and even with that, the unpredictable happens and there is risk involved. So how does day trading work anyway? There are many day traders that play the market as a bit of a gamble. There are big wins but they come with big losses. However, there are some knowledgeable day traders that make a very decent living from it.

However, with the right knowledge and experience in the marketplace, sufficient capital and a proper strategy, you may be able to make a significant amount of money with this type of trading. A successful strategy in day trading is one that gives you a competitive edge over the other traders. With day traders, some successful strategies are swing trading and arbitrage.

With discipline and the right knowledge, you may be successful at day trading. When the markets get real jittery, they will range up and down like lightening because they are being driven by day traders. They will place bets across all timeframes including daily so bounces can go on for days in what looks like a recovery before it crashes again.

The computer program trades will go with them adding fuel to the fire. In any case, trying to day trade these markets can be very rewarding but requires a particular personality. You may have been attracted to spread betting by all the perceived advantages, but when you are day trading your account, you need to watch out for some important issues.

Firstly, you know that spread betting does not require commissions, which is a good thing, but your broker makes his money from the spread between the buy and the ask price. You should shop around to find the broker offering the best spreads, which is the least difference between the two prices. Anyway, trading shares is easier than day-trading if you find it easier and harder if you find it harder. When you are day trading, you need to have action. Spread betting on a price which is meandering sideways is bound to hurt your account because of the spread, and some markets go sideways more than half the time.

Look for the trend, either up or down, and trade with it. If you feel good about your trades, continue, if not it is okay to stop trading for that day. Many traders prefer to buy, or go long, looking for an increase in price, so short positions are taken less frequently. But prices can drop more rapidly than they rise, so it is a mistake to not include in your arsenal the possibility of profiting from selling.

Stick to your plan. You can locate such information for free on the economic calendar provided by your spread betting broker. You will need to learn how to cut through the all the hype surrounding the spread betting markets in order to day trade successfully.

Basically, you will require a well-constructed strategy that will assist you in making quality trading decisions consistently even during the periods of high volatility. You will be confronted by a quite steep learning curve when you first start day-trading.

As such, ensure your initial objectives are realistic by advancing your skills in small steps of incremental risk. For example, begin by trading one asset only and risking just a small pre-defined percentage of your account balance per spread bet.

Develop a solid appreciation of money management so that you can provide maximum protection for your trading capital when day-trading. Many experts advise that your psychology will have a strong influence over your ability to day-trade profitably. As such, you must prepare yourself for the task ahead by enhancing your mental approach so that you can easily cope with all the emotions and pressures that the spread betting markets can muster. You can increase your chances of success significantly when you start to day trade a live account by taking full advantage of demo facilities.

However, you must realize that there are major differences between trading a demo account and a real one. For instance, you will not suffer the same emotional and psychological stresses when demo trading because, as your own capital is not at risk, you can adopt a more gung-ho attitude to your trading.

In contrast, you will find that live trading can create intense nerve-racking problems especially if you begin experiencing sequences of consecutive losses. Adopt the wise habit of fully reviewing your day-trading activities at the end of every month.

By doing so, you may be able to detect any failings in your spread betting strategies as well as pinpointing possible modifications and improvements. So, is all the effort worth it and can you make a reliable and dependable income from day trading?

The answer to this question is a definite yes but only if you adopt the correct psychology from the outset. Many experts have done just that and now enjoy dream lives. The basics of a number of day-trading strategies are now presented to help you to achieving this nirvana.

This day- trading strategy works on the concept that an asset will continue to move forward its current direction for an extended period of time. Consequently, a trend trader will endeavor to acquire profits by analyzing the momentum strength of assets in their present directions.

For example, if the price of a security has recently achieved a series of higher highs , then the trend trader will open a long spread bet.

What is Day Trading?

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