Understanding The Theory and Practice of Islamic Forex Trading

Get the latest Forex updates now! Shariah law, for example, prohibits Muslims from earning interest. With the Musharakah arrangement, the bank enters into a business relationship with an individual who is regarded as the investor. Accordingly, forex trading must also conform to Islamic finance principles. Ask New Question Sign In. No interest is paid on overnight positions, but there are sometimes additional account fees.

Image: PhotoXpress Many of us have heard of the terms “forex” and “foreign exchange”. “Forex” refers to the “market” in which international currencies are traded 24 hours a day, every weekday. The term “foreign exchange” generally refers to the exchange of one currency for.

Forex in Islam: to what extent is it permissible?

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Is it permissible to deal in currencies in the foreign exchange market forex over the Internet What is your opinion regarding the issue of tabiyeet stipulating End quote from Majallat al-Majma’ al-Fiqh al-Islami, issue no. 22, p. We ask Allaah to guide us and you. And Allaah knows best. Islam Q&A. The difference lies in the fact that unlike most forex companies who substitute additional fees by widening the spread on Islamic accounts, XM imposes no additional charges. In order to abide by the religious law of Islam, traders of Islamic belief are forbidden to pay interest. Understanding The Theory and Practice of Islamic Forex Trading. Before we understand Islamic forex trading we need to acquaint ourselves, albeit briefly, with Islamic finance. Guest Contributors Understanding The Theory and Practice of Islamic Forex Trading. All FM News.