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If we receive complaints about individuals who take over a thread or forum, we reserve the right to ban them from the site, without recourse. Only English comments will be allowed. I have read and understood Investing. Are you sure you want to delete this chart? You can do the transaction online and clients sending out money need not even register. Just follow the online process and you'll be sent an email message if you have receivables.

Your account number with them is already registered as an international account and you can transact globally. Don't get me wrong. Am not part of the company.

Just happy to share my experiences with their service and so far, it's topnotch! I even have a personal account executive assigned to me who checks me out every now and then for any concerns or clarifications with regards to their service. I hope that helps! Major factors to be considered while transferring money abroad are 1 It is safe 2 Exchange rates are low 3 Convenient processes 4 Quick transactions I am myself used to transferring money abroad to my sister in USA.

I have tried many options but have found services from Centrum Forex to be best among others. Hence, I would refer you to try and use their services. I am from Delhi India and want to send usd to Silay city phillippines in cash to my friend. Please advice me the process and charges with your agents at New Delhi. UpVote Reply 5 Upvotes. My mom sends me money through Xoom and i get it right away and cheaper for her bec any amount will be the service charge fee.

Hello,I am sorry but I cannot agree with the article, it is quite misleading. PayPal is almost 20 years old, and it is not hiding anything. One must know the rules in any transactions. Charges apply to any kind of business, even the free ones.

PayPal has an established reputation. There are many other worldwide online payments system to choose from and each has their own rule and price. Change the part of the article that says hidden fees, it is not hidden. Also, clarify the charges for it is not clear. Separate the Personal and Business account.

Then a clear comparison can be seen. I find some of this information 'misleading' at best. Western Union offers 2 services: I wonder if this is a 'sales site' for other services that charge MORE to transfer money? For example here are the exchange rates last July 24, for sending money with delivery method: Hi there, I am marketing team member of mHITs Remit and I just would like to clarify some information about this post and how you collect it so we can help keep it accurate.

First of all, our transfer is instant, so it will take seconds SMS speed to arrive to the Philippines and NOT days as the post says. We are probably the fastest company in Australia to send money to the Philippines. If you want to know our great rate today to send money to Philippines please visit http: Thank you for the space, I hope it had helped customer to understand our service features more clear. Kind Regards, mHITs marketing team.

I was wondering if considering Bitcoins as mode of payment. It is very easy to open a wallet account and there is also API integration. This also take just minutes and direct to whoever the payment is intended for. It takes 10 minutes to pay them, then stuck at "Processing by local partner" for two full days.

Terrible considering the huge hidden cost the inflict with a high exchange rate gap. Before sending money to Philippines , one should compare and choose option which is offering best rate on the day of transaction.

Hi all, does anybody have any idea which services from the U. I want western union because i know my money is secured at this money transfer at easy to claim. I prefer xxom and western union, we need to have our pay in fastest time though than paypal we need to wait business days and not only the sender will be charge also the receiver they highly expensive than other money remittance.

As far as I know its either western union or xoom its because its fastest way to send money here in the Philippines. For me it is Western Union always has the best and the greatest ways of sending money to the philippines from the states, for me it wasnt about how much will be the charges.

As far as i know sending money by western union charges less mount to person who sends money whether from the philippines to other country or from the states to the philippines, western union is great not only less charge, it also delivered the money that people send fast and safe, making sure that the money that a person send will reach exactly to the person to whom it was send by the sender Again, it wasnt about the charges,it doesnt talks about how much, rather it talks about good services to people, fast and safe in all time From the Philippines to the USA?

For me Moneygram is good to me, because of the fastest way of sending money. The money sends fast. Hey Rob I think Payoneer and Pay Maya is the best and low cost if you want to transfer money here in the philippines.

It just takes 10 minutes to get the money. Thank you for asking me this actually I personally had experience in having to send money before when I work outside the country and most of the time the company I worked at was using wire transfers to certain banks and other would use western Union and Money gram. Thank you so much for sharing this great article. The information of best Money Converter that you given is good.

I would recommended to add CurrencyKart. Thank you team currency karthttps: With some of my companies, they make me open an account from a platform they choose. I plan to open payoneer next. I plan to open a Payoneer account. At times, the company i work for decides what money transfer to use then they will instruct me to open an account and make it as my payroll.

I been using western union every time, I have transaction from international. You can receive your money less than an hour. The payment is very competitive and safety transaction just make sure you have the exact details and PIN number for security purpose.

I pay 20 UAE Dirhams as transfer fee and the exchange rate is good. Thank you so much for sharing such an extensive list of money transfer companies. I would like to add one more money transfer company which is Remit2India [ https: John had an interesting list of money transfer operators on top of which very interesting solutions like Wordlremit, small world should be added. The best way to always reach the best solution matching your requirements is to use a trustfull money transfer comparator like Moneytis.

In addition, a study by productivity firm TimeDoctor cites remittance delays of three to five days as among the big concerns that recipients face, not to mention the hidden forex costs. I use Transferwise weekly for sending money to the Philippines they are excellent there is nothing else to compare for international money transfers.

PayPal is a joke. Xoom is a joke. Ria is a joke. I've burned a lot of bridges in this industry but these companies will take all your personal information and then ask for more, and then decline service for some absurd technicality. I use PayPal only to receive funds never to send out internationally as that will freeze the account. I used to use RemitHome and they had good service but they just can't compete with Transferwise on price.

Transferwise is the best!! Uses the market rate and very very low fees. You can even set a minimum limit. To get your first transfer fee-free use: The best way to transfer money from USA to Philippines is via www. And I can get my money within 5 minutes. I use Remitly to send my wife money weekly from the USA and she can pick it up in Philippine pesos within minutes.

I don't understand why it takes this long. Remitly does make a little bit on each dollar exchanged. To transfer money overseas and not pay loanshark fees, there's transferwise. Transferwise is a revolutionary way to transfer money across countries with non-blood sucking bank fees.

It's funded by the co-founder of Paypal and even Sir Richard Branson. There's no percentage commission but a small fee of euros per transfer. Hi Rob, Western Union or Money Gram would be better since we can get our salary faster and will not wait for 21 days. Paypal takes time and we are working hard so we can get paid and pay our bills but paypal is giving us headache. The problem with WU is that they have the worst IT department of any financial-transactions company I have ever seen.

If something goes wrong, as it often does, they are clueless most of the time and their agents have no way of accessing the cause.

Hope you could include a review of http: I prefer to send money through bank to bank. I will never use Paypal services again. I just started getting in this business of mine from where you need a mode of payment.

It happened to be paypal. They have this horrifying policy that you need to wait for 21 days to get the money. I am working because I have urgent payments that I need to.

It's annoying the blood-earned money you get will be stuck on hold in a company. I don't even know why they do that but obviously they're doing it for their own good. If you want to check out the rest of the post, here are the links: Filipinos I use paypal or xoom for transfer.

And now xoom is merged and owned by paypal. If you want to check out the other posts, here are the links: For my Filipino friends I will suggest that I used paypal and transferwise. If you don't have option for paypal or venemo or other such apps try my referral: I am not promoting company or work for them, but is a good offer to try.

I guess moneygram is the best money transfers to send money here in the philippines. All the money transferred are reliable, but nothing beats Money Gram. It might be a little expensive for some but its the most efficient way specially if you're recipient here in the Philippines needs the money right away I would also want to commend the wire transfer because its soo secured, bank will even help you in case problem arise during the process.

This is really helpful. And yes, PayPal is very expensive. What I really don't like about PayPal is their exchange rate. We really lose a lot there. So when I was freelancing, bank transfer to my bank account works best than being paid via PayPal. For my personal clients, outside freelancing websites, I usually use PayPal because they say that it's the most convenient way for them. I might try the other ones here and let my client know. I have opened an account here in saudi arabia, my bank is Philippine National Bank.

I saw in my bank's website that there is a way for me to send money from my savings to my family in the Philippines through XOOM. I find it was the easiest and fastest money transfer. I think that Routing Number is the issue due to i mailed my bank on what is their Routing number then they gave me 3 routing numbers 1 is new york 2nd is los angeles and 3rd the BIC. When sending money from Hong Kong to Philippines, my cheapest experience was money changers like Czarina or Frankies Remittance specially when you send big amount.

I tried sending money to my BPI account last month here in HK and I haggled for them to increase the exchange rate and make the remittance charge free, and to my surprise they did. I jumped to the other money changer and they also did the same. The running exchange rate that day was somewhere around 6. I don't think anyone can beat that. No wonder a very long line of domestic helpers line up during pay day there. Only hassle is that you have to go to there personally no online or phone call transaction.

Banks usually charge more, but they are trustworthy. Such a very good information. Thanks for posting this blog article. I'll shamelessly leave my reference link just in case https: The fastest and the cheapest way of sending money to the Philippines is through Bitcoin. Bitcoin conversion rate is too volatile. For now, I don't think this is good for the recipient. Hi Rob,Thanks for the info. Surely many Filipinos freelancer will find it very helpful. Hi Rob, I was surprised to receive an email from you.

I know of a non-bank player called I-Remit. It is known for having revolutionized the remittance industry by employing the latest in IT technology and utilizing the Internet platform making it possible to cut down the usual remittance period to only seconds. The nationwide coverage of I-Remit's iDelivery Door-to-Door remittance mode reaches more beneficiaries than other remittance companies with an area spanning 17 regions, 80 provinces and cities and municipalities in the country.

The iNotify Remittance Pick-up is an alternative service mode where beneficiaries in the Philippines can claim remittances from any of I-Remit's more than 10, designated pick-up centers nationwide within 24 hours after receipt of the remittance from the its foreign offices.

I-Remit also opened new remittance corridors by introducing iNotify Foreign, a method of remittance from one country to another. Both Filipinos and non-Filipinos abroad can remit money from their country of origin to selected countries where the designated beneficiaries can pick-up the proceeds from an I-Remit office. In , it was cited by the Asian Development Bank as a significant non-bank player in the remittance industry and its I-Remit Visa Card was regarded as an innovation.

It is the fastest remittance service mode that features real-time crediting of remittances from abroad. It also provides global access to over 2,, Visa ATMs in more than countries and territories worldwide. For more info visit http: Hi Rob,Thank you for this article! I received notification in my email about this. Great help to all freelancers who are considering which method is the best. Yes, you have to pay the fees every time your make a transaction.

Hi Rob,I have been a freelancer in oDesk now Upwork for more than five years and I have been withdrawing funds from my oDesk wallet directly to my local bank account. For me, this is the cheapest method. As per oDesk's support page, "Local Funds Transfer LFT is the most direct and least expensive payment method for freelancers with bank accounts in participating countries.

When you select to get paid by LFT, you directly deposit your earnings into your local bank account, in your local currency, for a low, flat fee. But the exchange rate in Paypal is very low, compared to the exchange rates in the bank. I have sent thousand of dollars to many places in the P. Lots of relatives during the past two years and the money is ready for pick up in pesos within 5 minutes from when I click Send.

Yes, it is more expensive than some of the other remittance companies but I like their fast service and great status notification. I tell them to pickup the remittance at M Lhuillier because they are everywhere. I don't use credit card or debit card with Xoom. Not only that it's cheaper to send money not converted. Do a wire transfer obviously if you are sending a lot of money, to a local account to the country you are sending.

The rate in the country is higher than from where you are sending. For example, sending money from USA to Philippines is It can easily cost you hundreds of dollars just on the exchange rate.

The recieving bank will have the best rate. Don't be scam by the bank exchange rates. Yes I absolutely agree with this. The problem with sending a wire however is that usually there is an additional fee for sending the wire and receiving the wire. So in the case of smaller amounts of money wire transfers are not a good idea.

Interesting that you left RemitHome. Great support and fast transfer. Fairly good rates plus a reward system. Based on comparing exchange rates they're not as good as Ria though.

How do you think Ria can maintain this great rate? The other thing missing from your evaluation is maximum allowable to send per day and per month. Many systems listed here limit you severely, even after providing in depth identity information. If you have a lot of agents to pay this misght be a non-starter.

Some also don't allow business transfers i. Many have issues with traveling entrepreneurs who might log in from different countries or IP addresses. In closing, I had high hopes for Transferwise when they opened and added the Philippines. The support has been atrocious though.

I can't get verified and no one can help me. Transferwise claims the money was sent, but my bank Citibank has no record of it. We even connected the Federal Reserve and issued a trace. Hi Joe, Will look at adding remithome. Xoom has this issue for sure.

I'm disappointed about your experience with Transferwise. I have used them without any problem. I expect it's because they are growing rapidly. They are a genuine business so I suggest to continue to follow up with them. If you do have a resolution or if you do NOT have a resolution can you add your comments here?

That would be helpful for me and for others as we want to make sure that we are giving the right feedback on what methods work. Thank you for this information. Your tables are very clear and concise. Transferwise is a great option and they have lowest fees I have come across. They have flat rate for international transfers, so it is great for transferring larger sums. However they require opening a registered account, which can take some time to get verified.

I use xoom to transfer my USD to my metrobank Xoom charge for Thanks for all of the great information that you have given on your web site. I thought that I would add my recent attempt to minimize my regular money transfers to family in the Philippines, by using PayPal.

Thanks for your comments. Hey Rob, I think the best way to send money from abroad to here in the Philippines is to do it via bank, it doesn't take minutes but Philippine National Bank PNB is the trusted bank most of the Filipinos go to. Thanks for the article. Lots of opportunities here. Ok but the person in the US for example can't easily get a bank account with PNB, so they would have to do a wire?

If both people have bank accounts in the Philippines then yes this is going to be the best and cheapest method. I've been sending money in USD which helps avoid the hidden currency conversion fees. That's great but the people receiving the USD will likely still need to convert it at some point. And then how do they convert it? In the Philippines the vast majority will need to convert it to pesos.

What method are you using to send USD?

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