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In Kishore's website http: For example [my comments] would show as my comments on the Web page containing your comments. Welcome to Trading Reviews! Close Help Entering your comments is easy to do. I have found them recently and find it to be pretty good but support a bit lacking. I have emailed him several times asking for more recent performance stats as those are hardly relevant.

Forex Instant Profit is the hands-free system for making money any time of the day. It helps you earn money before, after or during work hours when you are % mechanic. This system is so simple in that it involves nothing complicated and very easy to follow.

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Is it a scam or not? Go to Instant FX Profits official site. Portion of actual user review from forums. Portion of actual user review from forexreviewlink. Portion of actual user review from ezinearticles. Is it a scam?

All we can say, we are personally happy with what we had paid for. People would spend thousands of dollars learning from commercial forex learning courses but yet to make money. Glad it was for free 'cos, overall, it's just about Forex basics really that you can find from BabyPips. The videos are poorly made and the information is not worth the price if it was paid , but since it's free, I guess it's OK.

I'd give it a 3 star if you know nowthing about Forex and a 2 star if you had some experience about Forex, like myself. Guys beware of powerup capital and Kishore M a group of his unhappy students have put up a video on youtube exposing him and what he is really doing even his own assistant is losing money following him he advertises in the papers almost daily in Singapore and sells his unsubstantial course to unsespecting public Please watch and then spread the video about kishore m and powerup capital to as many people as you know, as it will reveal the truth about him and his scam course Everybody especially singaporeans should know the truth and beware of this cheater!

He usses lagging indicator to exit the trade. Dun get conned by his marketing. The worst trader ever. I registered with his daily alerts service and proven to be a total disaster. Losses and losses and losses. How his students make money is very questionable. If his trading alerts suck, how some of his followers make money? I have found them recently and find it to be pretty good but support a bit lacking.

I attended Kishore's FX course in , I don't have any comments about the course materials as I find them to be decently good.

The problem lies in attending his weekly tutorials which are taught by his two former students. One focuses on the technical aspect of trading while the other focuses on the fundamental aspect of trading.

I find the technical trainer is quite good. But the trainer who focuses on fundamental is an absolute disaster, he proudly showed us some of his turnaround trades by not using stop loss, he also hang onto a couple of his losing trades and he badly influenced our trading decision by projecting his view after reading just a few key economic news. I personally could not understand what made him so confident to project where the currencies would go since there are so many other variables he did not consider , besides the news!

To make the matters worse, almost all of his recommended trades caused us to lose heaps of money. Once you factor in what it took to build your savings — from earning your money, to saving it, then investing it, and getting taxed on it not once but twice first for earning it, then for saving it , I knew I had to require more of my modest savings. By taking the control of my investment future, I can maximize the amount of return I can get from each investment and I can control how much risk I intend to take.

While the more risk I take the greater my payoff might be, I can choose my own threshold of when to buy and when to sell, making a steady gain over time. While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of products and courses on how to teach yourself to trade, the unique approach of Instant Profits creator, Bill Poulos, was what really sold me. He is an engineer by trade — and his methodical approach, building the theories one layer at a time, slowly creating a solid foundation on which to build your investment strategy was the final selling point.

I appreciate the logic, the attention to detail, and I was looking for a training tool that would teach me investing from the ground up. With Instant Profits, the tools and techniques are at your disposal, and they allow you to craft your personal style of trading. From the little details, to the overall workability of the product, this should help get you pointed in the right direction. First thing I look for is how well any product explains itself.

I want to know how the course, software, or robot is going to perform under any set of conditions. Next, I look past the fancy graphics for the gimmick. This was intriguing, but then again, this is a forex product is a stand-out in many way.

Now, I want the face behind the scenes. I want to know who created the product and why. In the case of Instant Profits , part of the Profits Run series, Bill Poulos is the creator and his background is both impressive and unusual. With a Bachelors Degree and work history in engineering and a Masters Degree in finance, he is unusually well-placed to make a strong product that can stand the test of time.

Bill Poulos maximized his engineering background to craft a seamless, flexible, and easy-to-use course in trading that can be used for any style of market trading. He has the true gift of being a natural born educator, a trait which is sorely lacking in many of the individuals currently creating training tools for trading, and this makes him singularly poised to construct a system with precise information that allows for each of us to understand and embrace the concepts being taught.

As curious as we all are, we are motivated into this intricate world inhabited by traders and big money investors to try to carve a small niche for ourselves and make a profit, better our financial standing, and maybe even leave the daily grind that we currently find ourselves trapped in. No market goes up or down forever, and learning the pace and flow of the market is part of the unique balance that Instant Profits helps to teach.

You learn to de-bunk classic myths surrounding the market and set your own parameters for when to buy and sell. No one know your personal financial profile like you do, so this is an opportunity to take as little or as much risk as you want, and you can watch your nest egg grow. His step-by-step approach is open, forthright, and to the point.

He walks you through each concept and theory, explaining the reasoning behind each before moving on to the next stage. May we wish you the best of luck with your trading. We hope our Instant Profits review will help you make an informed decision. Click here to learn more about Instant Profits Learn more.

Instant Profits Executive Summary

Is the Instant Forex Profit System a scam? With so many Forex systems appearing on the internet, it can be very confusing to find the best one to follow. With the foreign exchange market being the largest market in the world, more and more people want a piece of the action, and are investing in Forex courses, indicators and software like never before. Instant Profits Review. This page contains a candid review of the Instant Profits family of forex and stock market trading courses based on our own experiences having tried these product for a number of months. If you wish to go directly to the product page please click here. Kishore's automated trading system failed badly Kishore's forex robot Instant Forex Profit EA was a major failure. Tested by brainyforex for 62 days (2 June to 6 August ) with very poor Tested by brainyforex for 62 days (2 June to 6 August ) with very poor .