Are You Sabotaging Your Forex Support and Resistance Strategy?

Support and resistance trading can be a very profitable trading strategy. Costa Vranas September 19, at 9: In the example below, notice how we could use the recent swing lows as profit targets. Mohsen Arzani September 19, at 8: Yes No Please fill out this field. Thus giving life to that very outcome.

Support and Resistance Forex trading strategy — is a widely used trading system based on the horizontal levels of support and levels are formed by the candlesticks' highs and lows. A break-through of these levels after a period of consolidation gives a signal for a trend.

Price Action Strategies

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Traders can use support/resistance identification for managing risk in a strategy. Traders can also use support and resistance to grade market conditions, and enter positions. Forex support and resistance levels are the foundation of any good trading urhosting.mlr you’re trading a simple price action strategy or something more . Make no mistake about it, inside of every profitable Forex trader is a strategy for drawing support and resistance levels. While many traders, including myself, have done it so many times that we often overlook exactly how we do it, there is always a method to our madness. For me, it's all about using swing highs and lows as a starting point.