Bollinger Bands

The idea behind back-testing this is to see if similar small distances between the UBB and LBB lead to important breakouts that you can trade just like the example above shows. This is one of the most popular trading theories that exists. The arrows on the chart show possible places to add in an already bearish trend. And further worries stem from the fact that there are no refunds and no trial periods for the bot. One is to use the MBB line as entries in the direction of the trend. You can use a bigger risk-reward ratio, but that would not be a realistic approach. They are most likely part of a bigger degree corrective wave, like a zigzag or a zigzag family pattern.

The OndaFX forex robot trades on a simple Bollinger bands breakout concept. A buy trade occurs when the price trades outside of the lower BB, similarly, a sell trade occurs when the price trades outside of the upper BB.


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Bollinger Bands indicator settings

Feb 09,  · Closure Active? - closure by the Bollinger Bands indicator. Take place when the price rolls back from the lower border of the indicator to the upper one for the sell positions, and when the price rolls back from the upper border to the lower one for the buy positions, respectively/5(1). Bollinger Bands are among the most popular technical analysis indicators. This tool shows the market volatility, and it helps identify possible points of the trend reversal and the most successful moments for the long and short positions opening. Oct 03,  · Some traders in Bob's thread have commented that, following a Bollinger Band squeeze if a new candle opens outside the bands, then the market is likely to continue in that direction for some time. There is an H4 GJ chart attached that illustrates this. Identifying the 'squeeze' In concept this is simple.