Mr Ang's mobile line was disconnected and he did not reply to messages to his phone. We have a training course that you can use for free to get started. That was done by lots of luck so it made me attend your seminar and find out about making money. The Scam Works Like This: I found one of the actors on fiverr http: What are the best Forex Trading Tips?

The course be seem easy to some, but that's because Ezekiel is able to explain very technical stuffs and simplify it into easy understanding. I truly believe not all courses are made the same and the teacher plays a big part behind it.

Asia Forex Mentor Forex Course Review

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He covers the London and New York trading sessions and posts all set ups on his website. Emails are also sent. Ben is also very accessible for questions and concerns and trades the same set-ups on his own accounts. An accurate record of all trades are kept. You can't ask for more than this.!

My account is growing consistently-at last!!! I stumbled across Forexmentor in and wrote a review then. Seeing some of the negative reviews here, I thought it only right to add something positive again, about one of the Forexmentors: Ben Nathan of Forexmentor Live. Ben is one of the rare genuine mentors in a world of forex crooks. Newbies and experienced traders alike will gain much from his trading room.

I don't know all of the Forexmentor folk but it must be said that there are some great people there and Ben is very much one of them. KISS approach to trading that works. His daily updates are good - especially the input and trading ideas from his subscribers.

Peter is a likable bloke who demonstrates a genuine desire to help traders succeed. My only reservation is that he is always promoting an extra service or workshop for lots of bucks - which seems like avarice. Peter - why not bundle everything for an affordable price?

The work of Peter Bain and Forexmentor. They are the best of only a handful of training in how to trade that I consider legitimate. One of the more useful features is their trade room, Forexmentor Live. Currently run by Ben Nathan, the room focusses on day trading the London and New York sessions analyzing fractals Like any legitimate trade method, this involves identifying trends, entering markets on pullbacks or lulls on lower time frames and managing trades in real time.

Nathan's method using fractals is particularly easy to grasp and based on time tested methods that work. Learning the technique is one thing but doing the technique day after day along with Nathan is an effective way to get good at it. Personally I would like to mention Mr. Frank Paul referring to Forex Master Blueprint. His style of presenting the course is excellent and very professionally well thought out course layout.

I wish if Forexmentor. Normally I don't post comments, but by looking at previous negative comments I see clearly why loosers are loosers; when we can't improve ourselves we throw the shit on other respectable teachers. Kids grow up, I respect everyone in my life who taught me one word.

Frank,You responded to my review of Forexmentor and specifically my comments re. I've got no wish to make this personal and respect your reply. I do however take issue to your paragraph, "I just wanted to take a moment to respond to your fair critiques of the work I have done with Forexmentor, not with a defensive or dismissive attitude by any means, but just perhaps to try to address your well-written points.

Firstly, Fibonacci Swing Trader is no longer available not because it "doesn't work", but because we decided to transition that course and service into FXM Trend Trader, to address numerous requests we had received over a period of many months to provide EA support.

A number of FST members had indicated a desire for some type of automation to enable trade entry on 4hr continuation patterns, which they often could not be available for within their own preferred hours of trading. To provide that "mechanization" really demanded that we refine the trade entry rules so that they were amenable to EA programming. And for that reason we decided to give the service a new identity. That was well over a year ago now, and no further substantive changes have since been made.

I have purchased other courses from Forexmentor including the recurring forex pattern course from Vic and the Kelvin Thornley trend trader systems. So if it isn't a new course why isn't the new updated course available to me or as other dissatisfied former members mentioned a full refund for a course that clearly in that form just didn't work.

I'm sorry Frank but i think you insult our intelligence. You've obviously repackaged the former course,left the former members high and dry and resold it.

You will have my respect when you admit your mistake and start refunding people who bought Fib Swing Trader in good faith and were left with nothing.

Firstly i give 5 stars without hesitation to Vic Noble. This guy talks so much sense and is an excellent teacher. He in company with Shirley Hudson have turned my trading round in the last couple of years using initially their Recurring Forex pattern course.

I also later subscribed to the daily R. P update service and the Coaches Corner which Vic runs twice a week. I am now a profitable trader and can't recommend this enough. It doesn't need tweaking every few months to make it work. I can spot it a mile off and i use it in conjunction with money management,trend bias etc taught by Vic.

This for me is as good as it gets i don't look anywhere else for wonder systems. The 5 stars are for Vic and the above.

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Asia Forex Mentor Forex Course Review Ezekiel Chew is a highly regarded Forex Trader and Mentor. He fronts the leading authority Forex education company in Asia – AsiaForexMentor. We provide the best forex trading training course program and seminar in our forex school. Huge testimonials. Toggle navigation. Founder of Asia’s Largest Forex Education company – Asia Forex Mentor. Ezekiel is known to turn failing traders into success stories. Asia Forex Mentor – Asia’s Largest Education Company* based . Asia Forex Mentor Academy Asia's #1 Authority In Forex Trading Education. Featured on various media and leading forex speaker on major forex events worldwide.