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Our Company is one of the largest independent full-service retail broking house in India in terms of active clients on NSE as of July 31, I was also the first to start 8. The Junior Management Development Programme is designed to fast track management development and unlock talent for aspiring managers. It can be either a project or a factory or even a startup. E-governance in its different forms play a significant role in bringing services to communities and to engage with society. It will enable delegates to examine the theoretical and analytical frameworks of project management within a public sector environment. Angel Lite is the mobile browser-based trading tool.

Nirmal Bang is an online stock & share market trading company in India offering equities, commodities, mutual funds, insurance, IPOs, derivatives, currencies, DP & free demat A/C.

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A provocative book on frauds argues that there is an opportunity cost to eliminating dishonesty. Two books reveal the revolving-door relationship between the Big Four, businesses, governments and regulators. James Bridle on how complex technology darkens our life and culture, and the urgent need to shed digital fatalism. This breezy, anecdote-filled book tells us how crucial it is to listen to both the high and the humble. The English translation of a famed Tamil novel lets a broader audience take in the ethos of a subaltern people in a fecund Dravidian belt.

How Facebook has become a landscape of chaos where democratic values and diversity are taken for a ride, creating a technopoly of inequalities.

In a trailblazing move, Microsoft has announced that it will only work with vendors in the US who offer paid The learn, earn and retire model needs to be re-imagined. Who would have thought meditation practices could be downloaded and become such a hit? The small-cap fund takes a blended approach to buying into value and growth stocks. The outlook for the stock of NCC Ltd is bearish. The stock tumbled 3.

Almost half of the gold medals India won in the Jakarta Asian Games came from track and field. On September 15, , the British army used tanks for the very first time in the Battle of the Somme. How can online stores bring back lapsed customers to their portals?

Why Garware Wall Ropes decided to go in for an identity change and how it went about it. Indian companies and consumers are increasingly interacting with chatbots now, creating a new economy while Making a program talk like humans.

Plantation, tourism and real estate in Kerala have been affected. Recovery efforts are about funds, The focus should be on long-term reforms to plug the current account gap With the falling rupee and rising fuel prices turning into a burning political issue, the Centre seems to have urged the Reserve Bank to defend the CP Chandrasekhar Jayati Ghosh.

Oil on the boil. All you want to know about India Post Payment Bank All you want to know about India Post Payment Bank The friendly post-man bicycling his way into the by-lanes of the remotest villages was probably the most All you wanted to know about constant currency All you wanted to know about constant currency The only constant in life is change, or so they say.

Mutual fund investors go direct. Office space in demand. Gold ETFs lose sheen globally. Hyperinflation at , per cent, and eggs for bonus! The skyrocketing increase in the prices of petrol and diesel over the weeks and the unprecedented decline in the value of rupee are worrisome developments for the Modi-led BJP government, which can ill-afford to be a mute spectator by attributing them to external factors.

Agreed, there are external factors such as fall in oil output, high demand for the dollar and crippling economic sanctions against Iran by the US which have contributed significantly to a discernible decline in the value of currencies of developing economies and increase in fuel prices. But it is incumbent upon the Centre to unleash measures to mitigate the negative fallout arising out of external economic developments on the domestic economy.

Ballooning current account deficit in the face of ever increasing hike in fuel prices is a cause of serious concern. Bringing petrol and diesel within the ambit of GST by evolving a consensus with States brooks no delay.

Bidding adieu to gold-backed currency system, the era of leveraged finance let in explosive liquidity to global markets. The Bharat Bandh called by the Congress and supported by some Opposition parties over rising fuel prices did not serve any useful purpose. KCR dissolves Telangana House.

Driven by the hope that Chief Minister K. Why blame it on Rajan? Panel to examine Tata BusinessLine twenty years ago today: BusinessLine twenty years ago today BusinessLine twenty years ago today Govt to monitor 30 key sectorsThe Government is identifying around 30 key industry sectors to keep a close Plantation, tourism and real estate in Kerala have been affected.

Recovery efforts are about funds, Gold falls to Rs 31, on muted demand. Gold futures rise to Rs 30,; silver jumps by Rs per kg. Gold edges up as US consumer price data tempers rate hike views. Gold jumps to Rs 31,; silver slips by Rs 40 per kg. Gold futures edge down to Rs 30, Gold falls on technical resistance, US-China trade war fears. Published on July 25, Get more of your favourite news delivered to your inbox Subscribe Please enter a valid email address.

This article is closed for comments. Please Email the Editor. Quiz on weapons of war On September 15, , the British army used tanks for the very first time in the Battle of the Somme. Why people drop out of online shopping How can online stores bring back lapsed customers to their portals?

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