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However, if entered in the direction of a trend, further grey line could be used as a second TP. Create your custom indicator If you would like to create your own custom indicator, please contact AtoZ team. Other websites related to this company include www. This value is not fixed on chart so we can;t sure the which TP or SL is authenticated. THAN i asked the real "Mostafa Belkhayate" on facebook about the program, and he said he did not know anything about the company which sells it, and he had nothing to do with them. After 6months of askign same question I gave up on him and his product.

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“High Accuracy Advanced Forex MBFX Trading System with Nihilist Indicators” Sound like a good strategy. How long have you been trading this strategy and do you have any backtesting result? Thank you. The system is compiled of Forex predictor indicator and two timing oscillators. MBFX trading system can be applied on any currency pair and timeframe. Although the most commonly used timeframe is H1. Trade Mostafa Belkhayate trading system The Belkhayate Barycenter indicator displayed on the price chart represents the centre of . Nov 28,  · Brunei MBFX top sell and bottom buy Commercial Content. Forex Factory. Home Forums Trades News Calendar Market Brokers Login MBFX system learning forum then one thing is look for better R/S indicator try look at here search THV then download look for thvazpovint be better.