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Name Title John B. Payment and reference terminals A fully functional modern terminal that has the most extensive automation capabilities of various processes — from acceptance of payment to automation of retail banking operations, issuance of bank cards and money transfers. Strani objekti se pouzdano uklanjaju kroz patentiranu HESS traku za sortiranje. Salon bankarske opreme kontakt telefon: As a provider remain flexible at all times.

We can offer you a standalone device HESS Forex , and two built-in device HESS HESS and Forex Forex with greater capacity. ForEx 24h use,made for lobbies. ForEx made for walls,24h use. ForEx made for walls,24h use. Easy and flexible changing Sale and purchase of foreign currencies.

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HESS u ponudi ima tri modela ForEx ForEx i ForEx Samostojeći uređaj za satnu upotrebu. Klijentima nudi razmjenu 15 stranih valuta u maksimalno 3. U mogućnosti smo ponuditi Vam samostojeći uređaj HESS ForEx , te dva ugradna uređaja HESS ForEx i HESS ForEx sa većim kapacitetom. ForEx Uređaj za predvorje, za satnu upotrebu. ForEx Uređaj za ugradnju u zid za satnu upotrebu. ForEx Currency exchange machine hess forex Purchase of foreign currency. Exchange of foreign currency. One of the activities of the ByTechService company is the delivery and installation of currency exchange terminals, which are used to automate the exchange of currencies to Belarusian rubles in self-service mode and improve the quality of.